Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from this Irish girl!

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Carol Mahon x Loulerie Christmas Window 2016

And there you have it, possibly one of the most exciting jobs I’ve worked on to date – I got to design an Iris Apfel themed Christmas window for the lovely ladies over at Loulerie! If people have been following my work for a while they will know that I am a big fan of Miss Apfel and have already released an illustration of her based on the Kate Spade Spring 2015 Ad Campaign which you can buy here but hurry as there’s only two left in stock before they are gone forever! So yes, I like to draw Iris in my spare time, not only because she’s super stylish but also because she is hilarious and original and smart and cool and I pretty much want her to be my adopted grandmother, so you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of not only getting paid to draw her but also that I got to design a whole window based entirely around her! Hello dream job! The only catch was it was a super tight deadline but as I always say to myself the work will get done because it has to get done and sure what’s a few late nights with copious amounts of tea and dozens of documentaries on Crossfit when the end result is that you get your work on the window of a fabulous shop just off Grafton St!? Exactly. Anyway the wonderful Aoife over at Loulerie, who I had the pleasure of working with on this job did a lovely blog post about the window and asked me a few Q’s about the amazing and very inspiring Iris. You can give it a read here should you be so inclined.

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Here’s to 2017!

It’s 2017 (exactly 3 weeks into 2017 to be exact but, you know, better late than never), and as my blog post insinuates yes I am very happy about this! Not because 2016 was a particularly bad year for me in fact the last few months in particular were very positive. I worked on some really fun jobs which I will update here soon, but most importantly I fell heads over heels in love – with my illustration again! More so it’s just that I’m always quite excited about the prospect of a new year and with that a new chance to be the same you, but better. A lot of my goals for this year are similar to ones I had in mind last year but the difference this year is that I’m a lot more focused. I’m in a better space mentally – 2015 was a gruelling one so upon entering 2016 I was already feeling a little jaded, but nothing worth having ever comes easy, and after a hard slog I  am feeling positive and abundantly determined to make the most of this year. My passion for my work has been well and truly ignited and I’m just so f’ing excited to get stuck into loads of new projects, a ton of new personal work as well as some other new ventures along the way. The above pictures are pretty indicative of what I plan on making 2017 all about: Travel, Making plans, letting shitty things go, Getting on top of my shit by way of continuing to make lists; Feminism – and finally making some work about it and most importantly keeping things fresh in all aspects of my life!

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In Progress

img_20161029_142550Radio silence on here for a while, mainly because I’m terrible at posting on my blog but also because I’ve been too busy actually creating work to have the time to write about it. Apart from teaching a class on Thursday and posting some prints this morning this is the first time I’ve come up for air all week. So while I can’t share any snippets of what I’m working on yet I can share these fabulous flowers my wonderful friend got me for my birthday last week. Along with copious amounts of tea they are brightening up my long weekend – which will mainly consist of 14 hour work days like every other day this week, but hey I ain’t complainin’, I am in the zone and loving it! AND I get to share one of the projects I’ve been working away on really, reallllly soon! So on that note it is back to the drawing board for me now.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone however you may spend it.

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An update in Instagram part Sept!

instaAnother update in Instagram format! From bottom right to top: 1. Working in an art shop part time has it’s perks, building up a nice little collection of Polychromos! 2. Garnering some much needed inspiration from Garance Doré‘s new book. New motto “You have to create your own definition of success!” 3. Organising my drawings and came across the original “Stripe” sure why not share. 4. PRINTS. 5/6. Weekends spent styling and photographing my illo’s for a forthcoming shop update. 7/8. Adventures in Copenhagen! 9. Throwback to last year in London, standing by the awesome work of Lakwena. 10. More Copenhagen snaps. It really is a beautiful city. I want to go back when I have more time and money! 11. Close up of “Drape”. 12. Badly lit pictures of nice framed prints. 13. Editing”You’re my Type” for the shop! 14. Sunday chill. 15. Some lovely pics of my ladies in their new homes! 16. A nice surprise in the form of a little feature from new interiors site GAFF! 17. Finally found a new printer. These beauties are finally back in stock! 18. When you plan on spending your Saturday working but then look at the clock and realise it’s 10 O’Clock and you’ve spent the whole day binge watching Narcos… so you post a pic of your shady desk in lieu of actual drawings on it. Sure it’s all about balance right!

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An update in Instagram part Six

instablog4Another update in Instagram format! From bottom right to top: 1. Knitting with elastics for some new work. Very excited about this! 2. Embroidery from another new project I’m working on. Got a few things on the go to keep things interesting. 3. Very sad to hear of the passing of Bill Cunningham. The man was truly original and has left an unwavering legacy in the fashion world. To quote Anna Wintour “We all dress for Bill.” 4. Reusing my old whiskey bottles. Must buy more so 😉 5. Photographing fabric. Kind of makes me want to stay in bed. 6. Make! Type by Issey Conway from the NCAD 2016 Degree show. By far the best NCAD grad show I’ve seen in years! 7. More paper hearts… Yet another project I’m working on. This is going somewhere I swear! 8. Books on feminism = my favourite thing ever. This book “We should all be feminists” should be required reading for everyone IMO. 9. Little plait drawing to warm up the hand. Getting back into drawing lots of hair! 10. What is wrong with the world we live in. Black lives matter. All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter.

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Paper Hearts

IMG_20160613_203109I made this (obscure) paper heart a few weeks ago. It seemed fitting to photograph and post it now. What is wrong with the world </3 #orlando

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Elastic Heart

2016-05-06 07.40.22 1Sometimes it takes you a day to get your head around new work, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, sometimes a year. However long it takes what matters is that you start. I’m just beginning a ton of new work that has been a lonnnng time coming but I feel may be my best yet. I’m excited about it in a way that I haven’t been excited about my work in a long time. Maybe because it’s so personal. Maybe because it’s lived inside my head for a year, slowly gathering momentum, waiting, collating, deliberating. Whatever the reason, I’m excited. And that’s enough for me.

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An Update in Instagram part Cinq

instablog3Another little overdue update in Instagram format! From bottom right to top: 1. Cool type from a Weekday purchase. 2. A reminder that us women are beautiful on International Women’s Day! 3. Pencil Hearts. 4. Photographing my prints for a much needed shop update. 5. New print purchase that I LOVE available from here. 6. More Photography, this time for new drawings. 7. Comme des Garcons ads from the 80’s that are STILL on point ? 8. Prinnntttsss. 9. Me being shady on a recent trip to Kilkenny. 10. Success on Paper – A little feature from the April issue of Irish Country Magazine.

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Mixing Media

IMG_20160210_203152Old screen prints + bad embroidery = groundwork for new illustrations!

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