An update in Instagram part Six

instablog4Another update in Instagram format! From bottom right to top: 1. Knitting with elastics for some new work. Very excited about this! 2. Embroidery from another new project I’m working on. Got a few things on the go to keep things interesting. 3. Very sad to hear of the passing of Bill Cunningham. The man was truly original and has left an unwavering legacy in the fashion world. To quote Anna Wintour “We all dress for Bill.” 4. Reusing my old whiskey bottles. Must buy more so 😉 5. Photographing fabric. Kind of makes me want to stay in bed. 6. Make! Type by Issey Conway from the NCAD 2016 Degree show. By far the best NCAD grad show I’ve seen in years! 7. More paper hearts… Yet another project I’m working on. This is going somewhere I swear! 8. Books on feminism = my favourite thing ever. This book “We should all be feminists” should be required reading for everyone IMO. 9. Little plait drawing to warm up the hand. Getting back into drawing lots of hair! 10. What is wrong with the world we live in. Black lives matter. All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter.

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