An update in Instagram part Sept!

instaAnother update in Instagram format! From bottom right to top: 1. Working in an art shop part time has it’s perks, building up a nice little collection of Polychromos! 2. Garnering some much needed inspiration from Garance Doré‘s new book. New motto “You have to create your own definition of success!” 3. Organising my drawings and came across the original “Stripe” sure why not share. 4. PRINTS. 5/6. Weekends spent styling and photographing my illo’s for a forthcoming shop update. 7/8. Adventures in Copenhagen! 9. Throwback to last year in London, standing by the awesome work of Lakwena. 10. More Copenhagen snaps. It really is a beautiful city. I want to go back when I have more time and money! 11. Close up of “Drape”. 12. Badly lit pictures of nice framed prints. 13. Editing”You’re my Type” for the shop! 14. Sunday chill. 15. Some lovely pics of my ladies in their new homes! 16. A nice surprise in the form of a little feature from new interiors site GAFF! 17. Finally found a new printer. These beauties are finally back in stock! 18. When you plan on spending your Saturday working but then look at the clock and realise it’s 10 O’Clock and you’ve spent the whole day binge watching Narcos… so you post a pic of your shady desk in lieu of actual drawings on it. Sure it’s all about balance right!

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