In Progress

img_20161029_142550Radio silence on here for a while, mainly because I’m terrible at posting on my blog but also because I’ve been too busy actually creating work to have the time to write about it. Apart from teaching a class on Thursday and posting some prints this morning this is the first time I’ve come up for air all week. So while I can’t share any snippets of what I’m working on yet I can share these fabulous flowers my wonderful friend got me for my birthday last week. Along with copious amounts of tea they are brightening up my long weekend – which will mainly consist of 14 hour work days like every other day this week, but hey I ain’t complainin’, I am in the zone and loving it! AND I get to share one of the projects I’ve been working away on really, reallllly soon! So on that note it is back to the drawing board for me now.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone however you may spend it.

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