Carol Mahon x Loulerie Christmas Window 2016

And there you have it, possibly one of the most exciting jobs I’ve worked on to date – I got to design an Iris Apfel themed Christmas window for the lovely ladies over at Loulerie! If people have been following my work for a while they will know that I am a big fan of Miss Apfel and have already released an illustration of her based on the Kate Spade Spring 2015 Ad Campaign which you can buy here but hurry as there’s only two left in stock before they are gone forever! So yes, I like to draw Iris in my spare time, not only because she’s super stylish but also because she is hilarious and original and smart and cool and I pretty much want her to be my adopted grandmother, so you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of not only getting paid to draw her but also that I got to design a whole window based entirely around her! Hello dream job! The only catch was it was a super tight deadline but as I always say to myself the work will get done because it has to get done and sure what’s a few late nights with copious amounts of tea and dozens of documentaries on Crossfit when the end result is that you get your work on the window of a fabulous shop just off Grafton St!? Exactly. Anyway the wonderful Aoife over at Loulerie, who I had the pleasure of working with on this job did a lovely blog post about the window and asked me a few Q’s about the amazing and very inspiring Iris. You can give it a read here should you be so inclined.

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