Here’s to 2017!

It’s 2017 (exactly 3 weeks into 2017 to be exact but, you know, better late than never), and as my blog post insinuates yes I am very happy about this! Not because 2016 was a particularly bad year for me in fact the last few months in particular were very positive. I worked on some really fun jobs which I will update here soon, but most importantly I fell heads over heels in love – with my illustration again! More so it’s just that I’m always quite excited about the prospect of a new year and with that a new chance to be the same you, but better. A lot of my goals for this year are similar to ones I had in mind last year but the difference this year is that I’m a lot more focused. I’m in a better space mentally – 2015 was a gruelling one so upon entering 2016 I was already feeling a little jaded, but nothing worth having ever comes easy, and after a hard slog I  am feeling positive and abundantly determined to make the most of this year. My passion for my work has been well and truly ignited and I’m just so f’ing excited to get stuck into loads of new projects, a ton of new personal work as well as some other new ventures along the way. The above pictures are pretty indicative of what I plan on making 2017 all about: Travel, Making plans, letting shitty things go, Getting on top of my shit by way of continuing to make lists; Feminism – and finally making some work about it and most importantly keeping things fresh in all aspects of my life!

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