Hope is the thing with Feathers

IMG_20160203_221252          Little feather drawing. Feathers always remind me of my favourite Emily Dickinson poem:

“Hope is the thing with feathers, Thats perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all” <3

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New Year Do You

Screenshot_2015-06-17-17-10-04Not gonna lie, 2015 was a rough one, pretty glad to leave it behind but very excited for whatever may come in 2016. Something tells me it’s going to be a good one!

Type by the wonderful Jasmine Dowling.

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Happy Christmas

Processed with VSCOLooking forward to dinner round two and watching Home Alone for the millionth time. I <3 Christmas! Merry Christmas ya’s filthy animals 😉

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Processed with VSCOPopped into the amazing Momuse yesterday to see what goodies she had in store and was only delighted to discover my Iris print looking fabulous in her new home <3 Had to take a pic! I still have a few of these prints left so email me at hello@carolmahon.com if you’re interested in purchasing one. But remember to get in touch very soon if you want one in time for Santa!

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One Step At A Time

2015-11-25 09.34.54What can I say, I’ve been a bit frustrated lately as it feels like time is not on my side. Constantly. Three months ago I made the decision to start working part time because let’s be honest, doing what you love is great and all but stressing about how to pay bills and never being able to treat yourself… not so fun! I think sometimes this “Instagram generation” can make you feel like you need to be this super human churning out work at such a rapid pace (all whilst maintaining a perfect life of course). I have a tendency to get really frustrated with myself when the former isn’t possible, especially when it feels like everyone and their mother is progressing without you. I guess these little posts are a good reminder that some things are beyond our control so I need to stop fucking stressing myself out about it. I will achieve balance. The work will get done. It will happen. I’m way too determined for it not to.

O N E  S T E P  A T  A  T I M E.

*IMAGE CREDIT: Unfortunately Unknown.

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A much needed update in Instagram part Quatre

instablog2It seems like every time I read over my blog (which I do, occasionally) I’m constantly apologising for not posting regularly. This time I’ll forgo the apology (it’s been a busy few months) and just go straight to the part where I update you via my instagram snaps (it really is the best place to follow me – you can do so here). SO from bottom right to top (yes Carol let’s do everything backwards): 1. Pencil love – for something new I’m working on. And quite excited about too. 2. Located my hoop. Embroidery hoop that is. Finally putting that textile degree to good use. 3. Pretty packaging makin’ me feel poetic. 4. Did I mention I have a new niece and I’m obsessed with her? Yeah. Well, I am. 5. More fab packaging this time from the lovely Hippenings. 6. Desk vibes. 7. Having fun and trying out my new watercolour markers from Winsor & Newton. LOVING them. 8. Quick feather sketch to warm up the aul hand. 9. Playing with perspective with my fav “Featherhead” print which is currently on sale here. 10. Finding colour inspiration on a rainy day. Coincidentally this suits the pallet I’m currently working with.

So there you have it, the last few months of life summed up in 10 boxes. Riveting stuff. If you want to regularly keep up with my work follow me on Instagram here (ahem, plug Instagram, plug). And sure why wouldn’t you. Just look at how exciting I am!

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April & the Bear Pop Up: Meet the Maker

aatb pop upSo there’s a new shop in town and it just happens to be by one of my lovely stockists: April & the Bear! April & the Bear is a gorgeous little Pop Up that has opened it’s doors at 5 Dame lane for the months of June and July. And believe me when I say it’s full of so many amazing pieces all under one roof that you’ll never want to leave! You’ll also find some of my prints on sale as well as some older prints now available in A4 size, and they look pretty damn cute. As part of their Pop up, April & the Bear have been running a little “Meet the Maker” series so you can get a glimpse into how different artists work! I was lucky enough to be asked and was in the shop last Saturday drawing. It was something really different for me but very fun, and it was so nice to chat to people and show my process. To anyone that stopped by thanks and it really was lovely to meet you all. Anyway, here’s a few snaps from the Pop up and some pics of me working by the lovely and talented Siobhan Lam. I’m so un-photogenic so really happy with how these turned out 🙂

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Be brave & be Kind

HARD2Because sometimes only a cliché quote will do. And sometimes life throws you some curveballs, which is shit (and your blog remains untouched for weeks) but the thing about curveballs is they can make you really fucking determined! SO on that note, feeling so ready to put pencil to paper for lots of new work!

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We did it Ireland, we made history! SO proud of our little nation. Here’s to a better more accepting and loving Ireland <3 Photo by the amazing David Benjamin Sherry.

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Here’s hoping we’ll live in a progressive and accepting Ireland from tomorrow. To Irish citizens, please, please, PLEASE go out and put your vote to good use. EVERYONE should have the right to love and be loved regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Equality should be a right not a privilege. I’m proud to be voting YES tomorrow. C’mon people, let’s be on the right side of history!

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